Upholstery cleaning

We have built a reputation in carpet cleaning. Now, we want to clean your furniture too. Furniture is a one of the expensive investment in your home. In most cases, you will notice some stains in your furniture and clean it with normal household cleaner. It’s okay; this is easy and effective way to keep them clean. Now, in some cases, you are unable to clean them as usual. This is the time when you need our services.

Sometimes the furniture may look clean, but does that mean that they are safe? I think No. upholstery carry bacteria dust and other micro-organisms which can affect your health. There is the need to look for upholstery cleaner. Cleaning improves the quality of air in the room and the general appearance.

Why Us?

Our company is committed to offering these services to customers. We recognize the benefits of keeping your upholstery clean. Our trained technicians are readily available to ensure that your furniture is clean. Give us the chance, and you will be our testimony.

Our group of experts have all the cleaning equipment’s available for every type of furniture. These types of equipment come from different manufacturers like Velvet cotton.

We do not just conduct cleaning, but a professional one. This is why our experts conduct a survey on the furniture to be cleaned. This helps in designing a work plan. Our aim as a team is to leave a professional mark in every service we offer.

We clean, safeguard and maintain your furniture to high standards. After cleaning, our technicians spray a stain resistant coating to your furniture. This builds a wall to dust, water and other stains. The useful life of your furniture is increased.

Furniture Maintenance

Furniture is subject to tear and wear. This is caused by pets and even children. This makes maintenance very difficult. Here are some tips which will be helpful.

Dust particles, food and dirt can be removed using a light brush. It prevents the accumulation of dirt and grime into the fibres.

It is recommended that cushions should be rotated regularly.

Keep upholstery out of direct sunlight.

Do not place newspapers or pieces of dark clothes on the furniture as this can discolour them

In cases where the furniture is made of leather, our team of experts conduct cleaning and polishing of the surfaces in a professional manner. Regular cleaning is required to maintain its appearance. Hills District Carpet Cleaning uses the right leather cleaners which are safe and guarantee the required cleaning degree.