Stain treatment

At Hills District Carpet Cleaning, we have a team of dedicated technicians whose work is to ensure that all kind of stain is removed completely. With a wide range of stain removal products from different reputable manufacturers, our mission is to remove or otherwise reduce any type of stain. It is quite simpler to remove a spot once it’s made, if allowed to settle for some time, the harder it becomes. Not all stains can be removed, it depends on the cause. Some stains caused by grease might be hard to remove and that’s why our company is committed to helping you win this battle.

Carpet stain removal

The carpet is exposed to many types of stains, like paint, juice pets’ urine among others. Now, the carpet becomes a playing ground for all sorts of dirt. You don’t have control over this, but don’t worry the work will be done for you. Here are some of the stains you may come across within your daily routine.

Types of stains

Juice and dye

Coffee and tea stains

Grease and oil based

Pet urine

Our technicians are well trained to handle such task, it’s simple, efficient and requires less time. The first step to stain removal is an inspection of the floor to identify the type of spots. This is followed by the selection of the best detergent to match up with the stain. Sometimes the pet urine causes irresistible odour, we use deodorant to make your house smell fresh. Our main mission in carpet cleaning is to ensure that all stain is removed. The technicians are readily available for assistance; they can help you improve the state of your carpet. To make sure that quality is assured, our company carries out quality checks and sometimes we may need your feedback.

Another area affected by spots is the upholstery. Spots may make the furniture look too old. Don’t let your upholstery look so aged. We can restore their appearance; if the stains are removed by professional, then we have the capability safeguard your investment. As a business, we understand that it is our duty to make your furniture stain free. Then, what have you been waiting for? Our cleaning experts will turn your room to a palace by only fighting against spots.

It is not too late to get our services, contact us for your free no-obligation quotation for your custom stain removal services