Office carpet cleaning

Carpet is the most used floor covering in many businesses. In commercial areas like hospitals, schools hotels and other offices, the huge number of traffic in these places makes carpet cleaning paramount. Your business require services from professionals to ensure the life of the carpet is guaranteed. In these high traffic places, cleaning should be conducted regularly. Our business guarantees beautiful, clean and healthy carpets.

Methods used in office carpet cleaning include hot water extraction and low- moisture encapsulation. Both methods can be applied to give the carpet a new look in case they were torn

Professional deep cleaning

Low-moisture encapsulation

This process can be done monthly. It removes stains permanently from your carpet. This process does not require the use of water, and, therefore, they can be walked in after cleaning. It is environmentally friendly. The machine brushes off all across the carpets lifting the fibres. It makes the fibres reachable leaving the carpet clean. The system is used to improve the performance, appearance and also increasing the useful life.

Hot water Extraction

It is also called steam cleaning and it’s the commonly used method of deep cleaning. The carpet is sprayed with a detergent. The extractor then sprays hot water under high pressure into a wet vacuum wand. This process kills germs, removes dirt and odour. This process requires some time to dry due to high levels of moisture which may result to mould development. This is the reason why it should be well scheduled.


It improves the appearance of your office which is the core to creating a good business image

It protects the carpet flooring which is part of the business asset; this in turn saves money for regular repair and maintenance of the floor

Our cleaning methods ensure that every part of the floor surface is attended to, therefore, giving a healthy office environment.

How it works

Our cleaning services are flexible, as a business, Hills District Carpet Cleaning works closely with your business to create a cleaning schedule which meet your business needs

Are you worried about dirty carpets, soil and carpet maintenance? We are here to serve you and relief you this burden. Our services will give your business all that it needs. Why should you stress yourself about cleaning while we are here? Give us the work, and go on with your productivity. Our goal is to satisfy your business.